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Petite beauty gets face fucked and throat fucked before her tight shaved pussy gets stretched and her mouth filled with a huge cum shot.petite  babe deep throats cock and gets her tiny pussy banged.

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Cute blonde teen sucksand fucks cock and swallows huge cumshot. Teen Adelyn Sucks Knob Gets Pussy Plowed

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15 Sep 12

Nadia Part One

Do you think Nadia here would make a good cock sucker?

nadia sucks cock1

If she’s on the Amateur Allure website, my guess is yes – because of those girls love sucking cock… And love swallowing down cum even more!!!

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Daphne here reminds me a bunch of chicks in high school that we all wanted to fuck but never had to balls to talk to. And in this case, Daphne here has a perfect little ass.

This one might just be good for so much more than a blow job!

daphne01 Daphne Swallows Jizz daphne04 Daphne Swallows Jizz

Of course, just like all of those girls in high school we were afraid to talk to, Daphne here knows a thing or two about sucking cock. She started off just right, licking the shaft and the tip of the cock, and then moving on down to the nut sack. Then, without warning, Daphne swallowed his cock whole!

Turns out Daphne can deep throat like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose!

daphne44 Daphne Swallows Jizz

But the best is when she took his load of cum right on her mouth….

daphne53 Daphne Swallows Jizz

She was great about it too. She took that load in her mouth, opened up wide to show him what she had in there, and then in one gulp she swallowed it down!!!

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You can tell Nanet was going to be a filthylittle cock sucker right off the bat….. She started off by putting on a show where she was fondling her own breasts! Yeah, this one was going to be fun having her on her knees sucking dick!

nanet17 Dirty Cock Sucker

You knew she was dirty; You knew she was going to be able to deep throat cock better than most chicks…. Because the dirty slutty girls seem to love deep throating!

At the very least they put in the effort, swallowing your entire cock down their mouth!!!!

nanet48 Dirty Cock Sucker

Her big reward was a fat load of goo in her mouth!!!!

nanet88 Dirty Cock Sucker

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How the fuck do I keep getting this lucky all the time? These gorgeous amateur chicks just keep showing up at my door for one reason or another and ending up sucking my dick just for the hell of it. Like just yesterday, this amazing 21 year old hottie named Christina had a break down a block from my house. She asked to use the phone, but when I told her what I did for a living, she got kind of turned on. It wasn't long before she was inhaling my stiff dick and letting me fuck her tight shaved pussy. When i focused on those huge jiggly titties of hers, I had to cum, so she told me to bust my nut in her mouth.

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When the doorbell rang the other day, I was probably not as polite as I should have been. It was even worse because the chick who'd been knocking was such a hottie! Her name was Leilani and she was looking for a job babysitting. I don't have any kids, but I know a way she can make some loot really fast. Before you know it, she was fucking me with those huge titties of hers, before taking my huge shaft down her throat. This naughty blonde slut loved swallowing my cum shot.

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Is it me, or does Madison look like a super model who likes to suck cock?

I know some teens are hotter than others, and some teens suck cock better than others, but to find one hot teen that is both a great cock sucker and a stunningly beautiful at the same is a once in a lifetime…. You would think that a chick this hot wouldn’t bother with sucking cock; I’m sure she has dozens and dozens of men lined up that want to poke her snatch with their cock!

But it turns out she knows all about how to suck cock! She starts off slow, licking and teasing, but then follows through gracefully, using all of the tricks in the world’s oldest profession!

madison70 Supermodel Cock Sucker

And when he came she wasn’t concerned about her make up or how she looked; She took his load full on right in the mouth – and then opened wide to display it to him!

madison80 Supermodel Cock Sucker

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When you anger your girlfriend, be ready for the fallout. Hannah has had more than enough of all the bullshit. If she has to pick up one more candy wrapper off the floor, she's going to kill someone. Since I don't want this lovely brunette hottie going to jail, I decided I'd give her an alternate path for all that rage. This hot little brunette sucked my dick and ate up every drop of spooge I gave her.

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This fabulous brunette sweetie had my dick hard the second I laid eyes on her yesterday. She was eager to stuff the whole length of my stiff dick into her fabulous little mouth. She slurped hungrily as she gazed up at me with her seductive eyes. Eventually, I drenched her with a huge goopy load of hot cum. She smiled at me after slurping up the whole dripping wad.

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