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23 Jul 12

Teen Oral Tag Team

Thomas from Amateur Allure has really done it now…. He found two of the hottest oral experts he could find, dressed them up like very naughty school girls, and had them both suck his cock…. If one hot teen chick sucking on your cock is great, then having two teen hotties sucking you down must be awesome!

And that’s exactly what this oral tag team was -Awesome!

taylor amy oral tag team3

These cute teens – Amy and Taylor are their names – took turns sucking him off. One would suck while the other would lick… Then they would switch!

It’s like having an oral relief pitcher in case one of them gets tired!

taylor amy oral tag team2

Of course having two hot chicks to suck him off was a huge turn on – this might just be the hottest blow job ever on Amateur Allure – and he was ready to drop the biggest load ever! He must have saved up because he had to spit out enough cum for both of them!

They both took a shot of his cum and let it simmer on their tongue a little bit before swallowing it down…..

taylor amy oral tag team4 taylor amy oral tag team5

Isn’t that just the hottest thing ever?

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14 Nov 11

New Year Special

Thomas from Amateur Allure must be the luckiest man in the world….. This is how he rang in the new year a a few years back – with three hot teen chicks rubbing their tongues on his cock and his balls, sucking him off, and each of them waking away with a load of his cum in their mouth!

Now that’s the proper way to ring in the new year!!!!

hot new year three chicks sucking cock2

All three of them look like they are enjoying their special new years gift too!!!

hot new year three chicks sucking cock1

You can tell all three of them love cum!!!! Of course, the fact that they don’t mind getting their photos taken while they show off their special gifts!

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