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It took me a couple weeks to get the courage to ask this gorgeous blonde amateur babe out. By the time we eventually hooked up, I was choking to taste that pink teen cunt of hers. Her name is Chloe and she has this fabulous blonde hair and a couple of perfect teen boobs that make me wild. I thought I was going to faint when she began riding that wet shaved twat on my dick. But then when she took it out and drank my cum, I was in heaven. The only place to see gorgeous amateur babes sucking dick is at Amateur Allure!

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I can't even remember how many times this cute amateur chick has tricked me! The worst part is, she pulls it off every damn time! It's the ten year anniversary of Amateur Allure, so she gave me a ring, offering me a lift to the party. Once we got there, I found out that her and her sweet amateur slit were the entire party, and she drummed that tiny slit on my throbbing dick until I couldn't see straight. Just like a lot of the girls over at Amateur Allure, Jennifer gets off on the taste of jizz, and always gulps it down to the last drop.

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Doesn’t Genell look beautiful with her mouth full of cock? All teens do. We think all teens l look ten times hotter when their mouth is stuffed with cock!

Genell is no exception! And if you look in her eyes, she seems to be really enjoying this blow job!

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After sucking him off she was a good girl and didn’t turn away when he started coming… She just rode it out, taking his entire load of cum right in her mouth like a good little teen whore!

She looks so damn pretty with that cum resting gently on her tongue…..

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There's only one reason this naughty blonde amateur calls in sick from work. She needs to have that little shaved twat nailed and drink some cum. She goes by Chloe and she works downtown as a secretary. She talks about how dull her work is while she removes her bra and shows me those unbelievable teen tits. She's so excited that she can't wait to fuck that tight pink pussy on my stiffened cock until she cums. You're going to want to see Chloe swallow my load over at Amateur Allure!


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Jen from Amateur Allure has it going on…. She’s tackling his cock like it’s going out of style! She’s not afraid to show him exactly how good she sucks cock!

She’s a deep throating little bitch!

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But best of all, she knows the tricks. We can see she can deep throat, which is hot in itself, but she knows enough to pay special attention to our nut sack! She needs to be tender here but it’s important – that where all of the sperm is made!

She knows what she’s doing when it comes to giving head!

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And then he drops his load of sperm in her mouth! Does she turn away? Spit it out? Hell no!

She takes it all in her mouth like a champ!

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Get ready for the best part – the cum swallow!

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This fabulous brunette sweetie had my dick hard the second I laid eyes on her yesterday. She was eager to stuff the whole length of my stiff dick into her fabulous little mouth. She slurped hungrily as she gazed up at me with her seductive eyes. Eventually, I drenched her with a huge goopy load of hot cum. She smiled at me after slurping up the whole dripping wad.

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Even though she has fun at her job, this sexy secretary called in sick today to come fuck. She's a beautiful blonde chick with a lean figure and a couple of fabulous perky tits. She enjoys getting that little shaved slit of hers slammed in every single position she can imagine. After she's cum her head off a few times, she gets off my firm dick and sucks at it like wild. She can't wait to get a mouthful of my sperm and she really trys hard for it. The only place you can see the video of this horny amateur babe sucking dick is at Amateur Allure!

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23 Jul 12

Teen Oral Tag Team

Thomas from Amateur Allure has really done it now…. He found two of the hottest oral experts he could find, dressed them up like very naughty school girls, and had them both suck his cock…. If one hot teen chick sucking on your cock is great, then having two teen hotties sucking you down must be awesome!

And that’s exactly what this oral tag team was -Awesome!

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These cute teens – Amy and Taylor are their names – took turns sucking him off. One would suck while the other would lick… Then they would switch!

It’s like having an oral relief pitcher in case one of them gets tired!

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Of course having two hot chicks to suck him off was a huge turn on – this might just be the hottest blow job ever on Amateur Allure – and he was ready to drop the biggest load ever! He must have saved up because he had to spit out enough cum for both of them!

They both took a shot of his cum and let it simmer on their tongue a little bit before swallowing it down…..

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Isn’t that just the hottest thing ever?

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21 Jul 12

Jenni Loves Cock

See Jenni suck cock. See Jenni fondle his balls.

See Thomas about ready to fucking cum in her mouth!

jenny loves jizz1

It’s always hot when women try to gently cradle our balls like this… As long as they keep sucking us down!

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19 Jul 12

Hot Blow Job

Mindy loves sucking cock. You can see it in her big brown root beer eyes! Shes on her hands and knees, titties out, and her mouth full of his cock! Yeah, she’s in heaven while she’s sucking him down!!!!

This bitch loves oral sex!

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But she was having too much fun playing with his cock – and needed to be reminded of what she was there to do…. Which is sucking cock! He put his hand behind her head and pushed it forward, deeper and deeper, until this brown eyed cutie was deep throating his entire cock down!!!!

mindy loves cock1 mindy loves cock2

The deeper she swallowed his cock down, the more he got turned on…. They both knew that it was only a matter of time before he exploded in her mouth – dropping his entire load right on her tongue!

She was a good girl about it! She’s given a lot of blow jobs before; She knew what to do… She knew that men like it – love it! – when instead of just swallowing it down…. She knew that men love it when a chick plays with his cum in her mouth – and that’s exactly what she did! She tossed his cum around in her mouth like it was mouth wash!

And then she swallowed it down – His entire load!!!!

mindy loves cock4

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