31 Oct 11

Cum Swallow Fun

This hottie from Amateur Allure looks like she couldn’t be happier to have a mouthful of jizz…. She must be one of those who loves to cum swallow!

erin cum swallows3

And chicks that cum swallow are super hot!

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Getting a man off is one of this hot young amateur chick's favorite things in the whole world. Her only problem is that she feels like she's just no good at giving head. Well fuck, she came to the right place if she wants to learn how to make a guy jizz in her sweet young mouth. Riley has a really lovely face and a sweet young slit that loves getting filled up. Not only that, but she really is a good learner and before long, she's making our boy Ray bust his load in her mouth. Of course, ray teaches her that the best way to finish off a good cock sucking is by swallowing. You can get dozens of splendid slutty amateurs giving head at Amateur Allure!

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Kimberly is one of those slick amateur chicks who gets really naughty once you get her alone! And why the hell shouldn't she? This splendid 18 year old chick gets good grades in college and she takes care of her business. She deserves to get a huge dick crammed inside that sweet amateur slit of hers when it's time to blow off some steam. Speaking of blowing, you should see the way this hot young girl takes care of ray's monster and swallows his load when he shoots. You can only find naughty young amateurs like Kimberly at Amateur Allure!

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Not only does this pretty blonde babe love the taste of spooge, but she's got a lovely body too. Just look at that lovely face and those sweet boobs of hers. I can't believe how nasty this little amateur girl was either. As soon as our stuntcock Ray got his hard dick out, she went nuts, riding it and gagging on it until she couldn't take it anymore. After she came like crazy, she begged Ray to spooge in her mouth. For all the steamiest amateur sex movies, come by Amateur Allure!

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23 Oct 11

Hot Cum Lover

Every time a new chick pulls out our pecker and starts to go to town on it, we never know exactly what to expect…. There is no such thing as a bad blow job, but some are better than others….

Let’s take a look at what Christie can do with her tongue – what a hottie she is!

christie the cum drinker1

This one ends up with a nice surprise… Turns out Christie is a cum junkie – she loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

What’s hotter than that?

christie the cum drinker2

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Anytime there's anything I can do to hook up a steamy amateur sweetie, I jump at the chance. This lovely 20 year old student wanted to make her X boyfriend jealous and after seeing this nasty spooge swallowing film she just made for us, I think he will be. This stunning brunette cutie went crazy, riding and blowing his dick until it finally shot in her mouth. For the entire uncensored film of this lovely amateur spooge lover, come see Amateur Allure!

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Every fucking day, this beautiful amateur chick screws something up at work. Her manager has just about had it with her when she decides to try something crazy to keep her job. One day in his office, she pulls down his drawers and starts blowing him without saying a word. Before long, she's riding his hard dick and banging him with her tight wet twat. This is just the sort of XXX jizz drinking movie we love over here at Amateur Allure!

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17 Oct 11

Pecker Biter

Some chicks like sucking cock more than others… But it’s difficult to find a hot babe that smiles while licking cock!

emily loves cock sucking dick2

Or is she biting his pecker!

I hope this blow job is worth it!

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It’s true that blondes have more fun, and chances are it’s also true when they are sucking down cock!

This blonde from Amateur Allure seems to be having a lot of fun with her mouth full of cock! More so than most chicks! She must really love giving oral sex!

brittney loves eating jizz1

Just the same, she loves having jizz in her mouth too!

Of course, nothing turns us men on more than a hot blonde chick with jizz in their mouth!

brittney loves eating jizz2

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13 Oct 11

Hot Cum Drinker

How would you like to have a hottie like this sucking down your cock! What a brilliant idea – have a hot chick sucking off your cock every week or so, video taping it, and then putting it online for the entire world to see!

Angelica here is ready to suck down cock… In fact, she’s eager! She loves sucking cock!

She’s got her beautiful breasts out – perfect little knockers they are – and she’s ready to drop down to knees and swallow down cock!

angelica sucking cock loving it3

Turns out she knows what she’s doing too! She can lick the shaft, deep throat the dick…. All around she’s a beautiful cock sucker!!!

angelica sucking cock loving it2 angelica sucking cock loving it1

But the best part to any blow job is the grand finale…. That moment when your man goo spits out a nice load of gunk! And then watching your cock sucking partner take it in her mouth!

All women look beautiful with a mouth full of cum!

angelica sucking cock loving it4

Angelica here didn’t tell Thomas that she’s a cum lover when she got down on her knees to suck him off….. Not that he’s going to complain!

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