27 Mar 11

Cathy Cum Swallows

It never fails… Amateur Allure always has the hottest cock sucking chicks on the Internet….

This is Cathy from Amateur Allure, with her sexy brown hair and her utterly sexy root beer brown eyes….. But the best part is she’s fully qualified to be sucking cock; In fact, she’s one of the best cock suckers we’ve seen on Amateur Allure in some time!

Look at her just deep throating this entire cock!

cathy loves sucking cock eating jizz1

She sucked cock so well that she quickly got Thomas off – as we suspected!

With beautiful brown eyes like this, who wouldn’t be turned on with her sucking down on your cock!

cathy loves sucking cock eating jizz3

That’s one hell of a super sexy cum swallow right there!

Last Modified: March 27th, 2011
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